Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

In short it is designed to organize and host images of pubs in Edinburgh.

Adding more features is nice, but the ultimate goal is to collect, organize, and share images Edinburgh pubs.

Partly because it is an interesting project, partly because pubs change so frequently it is nice to be able to see how things change over time, and partly because "why not?"

Do you have a list of pubs?

The definitive list is still being built up, but you can see the pubs we've included in this data directory - the list of pubs are available in JSON, XML, and plain-text.

This list is generated from that data, which is stored in a central github repository.

How can I contribute?

Each entry on this site is generated from a couple of pieces of information:

  • GPS co-ordinates - which you can lookup online if you don't have a GPS-device.
  • Contact details.
  • A collection of photographs.

If you'd like to contribute a new entry please do either email me your images, or submit pull-requests against the github repository.

Contributing the data is appreciated, but I'll be happy to add that myself if you submit your images.

How can I keep an eye on progress?

Every time the site is (re)published a list of recent additions is updated.